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Bignote Productions is renowned as more than an excellent recording studio – it is the premiere music hub for the Gold Coast and Brisbane region. Put simply, we offer the most unique facilities and services for musicians in Queensland – all under one roof.


Do you need to establish or grow your brand as a musician? Need an album cover, cool photography or a music video? Even session musicians to help you realise your creative vision? It can all be realised, here at Bignote Productions.


Our in-house production team possesses decades of experience in music production, audio engineering, web, video, photography and graphic design. Our four recording spaces offer acoustic variations to suit the requirements of any project. Cutting edge audio technology meets unmatched professionalism in the state-of-the-art production process that you'll receive at Bignote – for whatever your project may be. Let's get into it…




The orchestra for the musical theatre production of 'Miss Saigon' at The Arts Centre Gold Coast.

Bignote & The Arts Centre, Gold Coast

Last week we met with the orchestra for the new musical theatre production at The Arts Centre Gold Coast. ‘Miss Saigon’ is set during the fall of Vietnam at the end of their civil war, and addresses some of the many issues that arose from the USA’s illegal interventional policies, both at the time of […]

Music photography-Music photographer-Band photography-Band photographer-Gold Coast-Australia-Brisbane-Music shoot-Band shoot

Album cover shoot for Lauren Lane!

The album cover for country/folk singer-songwriter, Lauren Lane, has just been shot by Bignote’s photographer, Paul Williams! This young Gold Coast musician’s upcoming album title is ‘In my head’, so we proposed that the shot reflected an intimacy that is fitting for this very personal collection of songs. By posing Lauren with an old suitcase […]

Zoe Louisa - Bignote Productions team member

Zoe Louisa joins the Bignote Productions team!

We’re very happy to introduce Bignote Productions’ new Junior Audio Engineer! Working closely with Smudge and Jen, Zoe’s skill-set, phenomenal ear for pitch and understanding of song dynamics and arrangement will enhance our client’s sound, tenfold. As a working musician who has already enjoyed international success with her debut album, Zoe understands what it takes […]

Bare Bones Song of the Year award

Bignote client wins the Australian Bare Bones Song of the Year!

A HUGE CONGRATS to our wonderful client, Tylah-Rose Winyard, who just won the Bare Bones Song of the Year at the Songs Alive Australia contest! It was nominated in 9 music categories!!! The follow-up song also just won her the opportunity to work with Marcia Hines and John Foreman in Music Australia's 'Count us in' […]




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