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Can I tour the studio?

Yes! Give us a call to book a time…


Do you record all styles of music?

Yes, from classical to metal and everything in between. We track bands, small orchestras, jazz ensembles, string quartets, soloists, country and even childrens / educational material.


What's an engineer?

In general terms: An engineer is someone that knows how to set up and operate the recording equipment in the studio, capture great sound, mix and most importantly, accommodate the requests of the artist or producer.


I have an idea for a song but I don’t play an instrument. Can you produce one?

Yes. This is our specialty. We can work with your words, a poem or just an idea to write a song with you or for you, then produce it in the style that suits your vibe. You don’t have to read music or be a musician to get a great song out there! Just have the passion.


I've never recorded before…what should I do?

We love working with independent artists. Never have there been more opportunities for unknown singers and musicians to get themselves heard. Recording is not expensive, and it's cheaper and more powerful now then ever. We can walk you through the entire process. Whether you need one demo recorded or help producing an entire album, we have the knowledge and experience to make you sound better than ever!


I've got one song to record. Will one hour be enough?

Depending on your level of experience in the studio – you may be unfamiliar with the process. Generally, instrumentation is recorded as the first step. Then vocals are recorded. Once all the recording is completed, any editing needed is taken care of. This might include comparing various vocal takes and compiling the best of each into one master take. Any vocal-tuning that is needed is taken care of in this step. Then the levels between any instruments and vocals are balanced in a mix.

So if you have a 4 minute song to record, plan on more than 4 minutes in the studio! Usually our customers want their best foot forward when they make a recording, and we can get you as close to a perfect performance as you'd like.


Do you do voiceovers, video editing, music for film or radio spots?

Yes.  We have voiceover specialists in house. We write and create jingles and music for film.


Does your studio provide musicians?

Yes, all included in our hourly fee!


How long will it take to record my album?

We don't know. A well-rehearsed band can lay down most of the basic tracks for an album in three days. Overdubs can take anywhere from one to seven days depending on the amount of work and pickiness. For mixing, budget three hours per song or so, at least. A guitarist-singer who has their tunes down, can track hours of live stuff in one day, mix it all the same day and have a decent live demo. It really depends what you are looking for. Many of our better songwriter/band projects have taken ten to fourteen days. Some projects go faster. All depends on performance and finished product ideals. One thing we can say, is that we're yet to find Engineers in Queensland who work both as thoroughly and efficiently as we do.


I recorded my tracks with you ages ago. Do you still have them?

We generally archive all jobs. For a small fee, we are happy to search our database, retrieve and send your tracks to you. Keep in mind that software is constantly changing and although we may have sessions from 15 years ago, we may not be able to open them with today's software.


Can you replicate/duplicate my CD?

Yes. From short run 1 – 100 (burn), or glass masters from 500, to as many as you need.


Can you record my vinyl Lp’s and 45’s to CD?

Yes. The cost is $30 per album, plus we EQ and reduce noise (scratch noise) for free.


I've booked a days recording with you guys, what should I bring?

Special drinks, and some snacks. We supply tea, coffee and water (we make an awesome espresso), plus we have caterers that can deliver food so you don’t have to interrupt the flow. We have a fully equipped kitchen and a spotless shower/bathroom should you need to freshen up between takes.


Do you have a drum kit that I can play?

Yes. A Pro Series Japanese Yamaha kit is always mic'ed-up with new skins ready to go! (Plus we have an awesome in-house drummer if needed…no extra charge).


Do you have an acoustic piano?

Sure do! We have a Yamaha GC1 grand piano, and an upright Alex Steinbach all tuned, regulated and ready to play.


I’ve recorded some songs at home. Can you add other instruments to my track?

Of course. From live drums, to guitar, bass, keys, vocals..whatever you have in mind, we can add to your track.


Can I send you my existing tracks to mix?

Yes. Just drop your stems to us and we can mix and master to your brief.


Do you have a mastering suite? What is the turn-around time for mastering?

Yes. Generally 3 to 7 days turn-around, depending on your urgency.


What format should I send them to you in?

Please give us files for mastering in the same format and quality as what they were mixed at. 24 bit/44.1khz or higher is preferred.


What is a production master? Do I need that?

A production master is the 'master' copy of the CD that all the manufactured versions are made from. You need a master when you want to have a run of CD' produced at a production plant.


How do I copyright my song?

You should register your song with APRA – go to then your royalties will be collected for you and deposited directly onto your bank account.


What is an ISRC code? Do I need to get one?

ISRCs are a 12 digit codes that identify your recording. iTunes and other digital distributors use the codes to track sales and radio stations use them to track the number of plays to calculate royalty payments.


How can I learn more about the business of songwriting?

We run songwriters workshops. Simply register your interest for our next class and we'll be in touch.


I'd like to record my guitar. Should I change the strings?

Yes, by all means, but make sure you change them around 2-3 days before the session so that they are stretched and will stay in tune. You are welcome to use any of our studio guitars for your sound. We have LOADS of beauties to choose from!


What software do you use to record?

ProTools is the industry standard, and we have a very nice rig. Our Engineers know ProTools very well and can get things done as quickly as possible. In addition to ProTools HD, we also have a huge variety of third-party plugins to help with various specific tasks.


I need to record a choir, can you do that?

We are one of the most popular locations for sessions with large a number of musicians. Headphones are supplied and recording live without headphones is also a good option in many cases. Plus our tracking room can accommodate a lot of people. Call us and stop by to see for yourself.


Can I use the studio for something other than recording?

Yes. We often accept bookings for video shoots, recitals, choir practices and rehearsals. Whatever you need the space for, we are happy to help.


What are your rates?

From $90 to $150 per hour includes Engineer, Producer and Musicians.

Lock-out rates available and package deals too. Just ask.


How soon can I book a session?

It’s a crazy busy studio and our schedule is always changing.  Usually around 4 weeks lead time. However, we know that sometimes plans are difficult to arrange ahead of time like that, so don't ever hesitate to check with us. We just might have an opening as soon as you need it.


What is your Karaoke studio?!

It's a perfect space for laying down vocals over an existing backing. Allow around an hour per track.


Can I dry-hire your studios?

No. Each studio comes with a qualified and experienced Audio Engineer.


Do you have rehearsal rooms?

Yes. We have 2 amazing air-conditioned rooms. $60 for three hours includes quality PA and everything else you'll need.


Can your photographer get some shots of me / the band while I'm recording?

Yes. Our in-house pro photographer, Paul Williams will be happy to shoot your session. Just book in advance so he can set-up the session.


I want to record my song and shoot a video for YouTube. Do you do that?

Yes. Our video / recording package is $490 per song, recorded, edited, mixed mastered, synched and uploaded to YouTube. This is a multi-camera shoot and the best way to get your song out there.