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  • Jennifer Matthews

    Jennifer Matthews – Executive Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Musician

    As one of Australia’s only award-winning female producers, Jennifer has been the driving force behind Bignote Production’s achievements since the company’s inception in 1998. Actively involved in developing the talents of performers, Jennifer has produced a vast array of successful albums, in addition to countless singles and EP's. She’s the overseer of every session, lending her voice, invaluable expertise and skill to your project.

  • Paul Harris, Paul Smudge Harris

    Paul ‘Smudge’ Harris – Chief Engineer, Songwriter, Musician

    The key to a great mix is not only technical and musical skill, but also having an in-depth knowledge of musical genres, instruments and the way the fabric of a great song is woven together.
    Smudge's valuable insight has been gained over 30 years of performance and production. Classically trained, Smudge has performed and produced Rock, Pop, Country, Jazz, R&B,…the list goes on! More importantly, Smudge creates mixes based on clients artistic requirements and the level of production needed to suit a particular track.

  • Paul-Williams-Photographer-Gold-Coast-Brisbane-Bignote-Bignote-Productions-Music-photographer-band-photographer

    Paul Williams – Photographer & Communications guy

    Bignote’s photography and media communications department is run by Paul. Before relocating his business home to the Gold Coast, Paul established himself as one of the most sought-after Advertising Photographers in Dubai and then Singapore, where he shot for 10 years. Paul has shot for some of the biggest corporations and creative agencies in the world and with his past experience as a Graphic Designer and Art Director, you can expect world-class material to promote your music with.

    Paul can also take care of getting your new music onto iTunes, setting you up with social media, writing press releases and blog updates!

  • Elijah-Cavanagh-Gold-Coast-Brisbane-Videographer-Director-Cameraman-Bignote-Bignote-Productions

    Elijah Cavanagh – Videographer

    Elijah is Bignote’s in-house videography and cinematography expert. With an already extensive background in music video production, corporate video production, event and arthouse video, Elijah works closely with our team to perfectly capture your project. Those who have worked with Elijah always know that their project is in safe and deft hands. If you’re seeking 100% professional camera work with the creative touch on post-production, Elijah is the man for the job.


    Emily Hopley – Studio Assistant

    From coffee to Panadol and every other odd need you might think of in between, Bignote’s Studio Assistant, Emily, will attend to all of your requirements as a client. Emily is responsible for the preparation of sessions and making sure that all sessions at Bignote are smooth and comfortable for everybody. In training to become a Music Producer, Emily’s keen ear and attentive attitude also make her a great person to back-n-forth your musical ideas with.

  • Leanne Salter - Bignote Productions recording studios, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

    Gilsea Lim – Number counting person

    Gisela is the master of the coin at Bignote. Working with band finance, Gisela will be your first contact for any financial queries that you need dealt with, in a fast and efficient way. She is available for consultations to make sure your band/music/royalties/tax/GST/ABN are all sorted!
    Dealing with accounts, professional book-keeping, tax and the all-important things that some of our ‘right-brained’ staff can’t even fathom, Gisela ensures that Bignote and our clients never come up short!