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  • Grae Shadows of Grae

    Grae's story:

    So everyone's got a story and I guess this is mine,

    But the way I tell my story will be in the form of rhyme,

    I was born on the Gold Coast in 1985,

    An I've lived here for all but 6 months of my life,

    I have always been a poet even before I learnt to write,

    Growing up I struggled with school – I couldn't really read,
    But I wasn't ever worried because I always believed,
    I would make it in the world with sport but I received,
    A bit of a set-back when I had trouble with my feet.

    I had a disease called sever's and my foot bone broke,
    I thought "Come on God – this has to be a joke!"
    You gave me dyslexia and now you've taking sport from me,
    What am I meant to do now – I can barely even read!

    By the time I turned 15 I had really lost my way,
    I battled with myself every single day,
    My mum was always sick and I was always sad,
    So I took solace in the only thing I had,

    I wrote all my feelings, but it only worked as rhymes,
    I wanted to be a singer but had no confidence at the time,
    On my sisters 18th birthday after lots of rum and wine, 
    My brain said "Enough – and lets see if I can shine"!

    I got up on stage because my parents hired karaoke,
    I sang my heart out an everyone said "Are you joking"?!
    Grae you can sing – how long have you known for?!
    I said "For a while, and I've been ryhming since I was four".

    That day my life changed – I felt I finally had a purpose,
    I woke up the next morning for once not feeling worthless,
    I have spent the last ten years working on my craft,
    Now I'll spend the rest of my life singing and writing from my heart.