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  • Rapper, ‘Bulldog’, records here at Bignote!

    Today we were proud to have in our studio Gold Coast rapper, Bulldog


    Bulldog is not only an awesome rapper helping to drive the Aussie rap scene, he also has a sense of ethics and care – something that so many American rappers promote the abandonment of. Bulldog openly advocated the 'FreeYou BeYou' anti-bullying campaign across Australia, recording an epic rhyme encouraging kids to keep their heads up and know that bullying is not only a temporary hardship, but a dead give-away sign that the bully is actually an insecure knobsock (for want of a better term)!


    You can check out Bulldog's facebook page here where more of his rhymes can be heard. So get in there guys and show some support for a great guy who's taken time out of his schedule to support kids going through a tough time. He's a playah on the way up – so stay tuned for more of our creative collaborations together!