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  • The-Banderas-Band---Summer-Rain


    This was a strong country album for The Banderas Band. More information about the band can be found on their website at

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  • Vivica-album-recorded-at-Bgnote-Productsion-music-studios-gold-coast

    VIVICA Vivica

    Rising star Vivica recorded her debut album at Bignote Productions on the Gold Coast, which was also produced here. The album promptly resulted in Vivica being signed to a record deal (woooohoooo!!!) and her follow-up work has been produced and recorded exclusively here at Bignote. We're very proud to see and hear how Vivica is […]

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  • SImone-Nicole-recorder-at-Bignote-Productions-Recording-Studios-Gold-Coast

    SIMONE NICOLE Live and intimate with

    Live and intimate with Simone Nicole – is the classical jazz/opera album recorded at Bignote Productions. Simone is a massive vocal talent and a very well-known name to fans of the genre. Hide your crystalware when this lady's hitting the high notes – it has to be heard to be believed!

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  • avalon cover small

    Avalon Mistakes

    Mistakes by Avalon – album out now. There are some fantastic tracks on what turned out to be a very strong album that was produced and recorded here. Check out more at  

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  • Grae---CD-front

    Grae Shadows of Grae

    Grae's story: So everyone's got a story and I guess this is mine, But the way I tell my story will be in the form of rhyme, I was born on the Gold Coast in 1985, An I've lived here for all but 6 months of my life, I have always been a poet even […]

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