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Shikobi Inc. – You Know



    This was a strong country album for The Banderas Band. More information about the band can be found on their website at

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  • VIVICA Vivica

    Rising star Vivica recorded her debut album at Bignote Productions on the Gold Coast, which was also produced here. The album promptly resulted in Vivica being signed to a record deal (woooohoooo!!!) and her follow-up work has been produced and recorded exclusively here at Bignote. We're very proud to see and hear how Vivica is […]

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  • SIMONE NICOLE Live and intimate with

    Live and intimate with Simone Nicole – is the classical jazz/opera album recorded at Bignote Productions. Simone is a massive vocal talent and a very well-known name to fans of the genre. Hide your crystalware when this lady's hitting the high notes – it has to be heard to be believed!

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  • Avalon Mistakes

    Mistakes by Avalon – album out now. There are some fantastic tracks on what turned out to be a very strong album that was produced and recorded here. Check out more at  

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  • Grae Shadows of Grae

    Grae's story: So everyone's got a story and I guess this is mine, But the way I tell my story will be in the form of rhyme, I was born on the Gold Coast in 1985, An I've lived here for all but 6 months of my life, I have always been a poet even […]

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