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Bignote Productions’ popularity with musicians stems from our team’s traditional song-writing, production, arrangement and live performance skills, which mesh seamlessly with today’s hi-tech studio environment. This is a welcoming, comfortable and collaborative environment, where state-of-the-art meets art.

The Bignote studio philosophy evolved from a common desire by it’s founders to provide a creative home for musicians, whether amateur or professional. Here you can interact with a like-minded and harmonious creative team to engineer and produce inspired compositions, covering all genres.

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Studio 1 is run by founder and producer Jennifer Harris and head engineer Paul Harris. With decades of experience in the studio and performing live, they are able to take your song from the first chord or lyric right through to the finished master. 

Whether a solo singer-songwriter or an eight-piece band, a single song or a full-length record, they draw on their refined knowledge and expertise in songwriting and mixing, their diverse capacity as multi-instrumentalists and their fun, creative demeanor, enabling you thrive in the studio and produce competitive, long-standing records.

Studio 1 is fitted with a full tracking and mixing suite, and uses Pro Tools 12. Both Jennifer and Paul are both seasoned session musicians who can perform on your songs if desired.


Studio 2 is run by producer and engineer Tim Goodburn. The young gun in the Bignote team, he carries the spirit and passion of the modern era of music.

Studio 2 is fitted with a live drum room and has access to a baby grand piano, perfect for home studio musicians who are looking to take their recordings to the next level. Tim is also an experienced multi-instrumentalist who can perform on any of your tracks.

Whether you’re a singer or hip-hop artist wanting to track vocals in a pro environment, an artist looking to hone their songwriting, or a band wanting to record a live multi-track, Studio 2 is flexible for an array of services.