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Bignote Productions' popularity with musicians stems from our teams traditional song-writing, production, arrangement and live performance skills, which mesh seamlessly with today's hi-tech studio environment. This is a welcoming, comfortable and collaborative environment, where state-of-the-art meets art.

The Bignote studio philosophy evolved from a common desire by it's founders to provide a creative home for musicians, whether amateur or professional. Here you can interact with a like-minded and harmonious creative team to engineer and produce inspired compositions, covering all genres.

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Studio 1: Is THIS the studio for you?
Our production/engineering team will take your lyrics or music, then record and build your tracks with you from the ground up, right through to the finished master. From a simple guitar and vocal track to full band productions, one song or a full album, we draw on decades of studio and live experience, while utilising any in house harmonies, percussion or other instruments that you may need.

Studio 2: Or is THIS the studio for you?!
Not quite ready to take your material into radio-release production? It might be a first demo, an acoustic debut EP, a live studio recording of your band, recorded audition or simply you singing to your favourite backings. Studio 2's engineer, Ryan, can work with you to take your sound to whatever level you're comfortable with.